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Fatherhood: Man's Highest Calling

Fatherhood in America is in crisis, yet in a few days dads get a token holiday, with the annual hall pass to kick back on their throne of choice and receive gifts, cards, and a few bad ties.

But if we step back, and look at the bigger, if not the biggest, picture, to gain God’s vision for fatherhood, we might turn Father’s Day on its ear and seek to bless our children, instead of receive blessings.

Help Your Teens Prepare for College

During my son's junior year, he grew moody whenever someone mentioned graduation or college. After cautious probing, I discovered that he was overwhelmed by the college search and application process.

And no wonder. The pressure to earn an impressive GPA, plus the community and extracurricular activities needed to "pad" a college application, pile enormous weight on a teen's shoulders. Fortunately, parents can help alleviate the stress.

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